April 5, 2017



“Anti-zapping” media support on petrol stations nozzles (diesel or fuel) to promote your brand as near as possible to targeted audiences (by buying experience, region or store). Your ad moves from the customers “hand” to his “head” in just seconds.

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Doors / Window Media

Communicate with your customer before the purchase decision is made and already inside store environment. Media support of proven effectiveness, with enormous power of segmentation and huge visual impact.


Innovative support patented by AlvernGroup, allows you to promote your brand and products  through a certified and safe solution  with a stand of enormous visual impact, near the point of sale and easily upgradeable.



1. The roof of the service station must be flat and wide enough to support the dimensions of RoofMedia;
2. The roof of the service station must have an unobstructed view from the road;
3. In the central area of the roof there can’t be any infrastructure such as solar panels, air conditioning, etc.;
4. The roof may not contain glass surfaces or be restricted by 'wells' of light.

Alarms Media and Shopping Carts

Promote your brand/product in shopping carts or entry alarms of your favourite stores.

We provide you credible solutions with resistant materials (laminated vinil or skins) and reliable fastening systems.


Vehicle Exhibition

You can expose your vehicles in big retailers granting you high visibility for your clients, as it bring attention to the new vehicles in you fleet and increases your target. 

Activation Marketing

Advertise your brand through activation actions where you can clarify to your target the concepts and values in which your brand is based, approaching them to the consumer and focusing it as the central point of action. We have great solutions for you (booth rental, promotors, audiovisual material, etc.).


The Traxx system is a techonology of communication with a quirky, safe and fiable fixation system (without the need of immobilisation of your fleet when it comes to change the advertisement) in fleets of commercial vehicles (galleys/trucks).

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Surprise your client with the new AdScreen™ model that allows you to advertise your product in an interactive or multimedia way (in addition to the traditional flyer that the promoter offers) - videos, trailers, interactive presentations for campaigns, rewards, entertainment and the possiblity of real-time integration with the social networks.

Main Features:

  • 17" Touchscreen (OS Android);
  • Guaranteed Internet connectivity (access to websites);
  • Possibility to install apps on and offline and remote management of contents;
  • Camera included for photos inloco;
  • HD Sound and Image;

among many other advantages...

SpeedyAds Media could also offer you a lot of other solutions (standard or tailor-made) as backlights, store expositors (with or without multimedia interfaces), sampling activities (with or without promotors), among other actions developed to address your communication needs.

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