April 5, 2017


The Speedy Ads networks are provenly effective and the company has a permanent concern in studying the impact (in terms of awareness and, also, effective increasing of sales) of their advertisers' campaigns.

Let us share with you some examples (main data) of studies and more recent evaluations:

1. Magazine Sales in Petrol Stations

Two highly reputated weekly magazines invested in BP and Repsol networks with campaigns in doors, windows and fillboards in a bi-weekly basis.

Going against an actual trend of decrease of sales for this type if press, both resisted significant increases during the campaign period.

1st Campaign: 
Circuit: Doors and Windows - Selected BP and Repsol Network
Sample: 20 stores
From Dec 26, 2016 to Jan 22, 2017

2. Nielsen study in BP Network (automobile sector)

Recent study, exclusive for Speedy Ads, done in two days in December 2016 in two BP stations revealed very positive results.

We highlight the following:

  • 47% of the people remember the ad and from this group...
  • 58,57% were happy/very happy with the ad;
  • 68,72% said that the ad aroused attention/much attention;
  • 69,57% said that the campaign helped/helped a lot in the next buying.
  • Finally, our service is evaluated as equal (59%), better (25%) and much better (3,30%) that the others.


3. Strada study to TruckMedia (UK)

This study was conducted by OXFORD Retail Consultants using the evaluation model of ratings for "out-of-home" STRADA (used by companies as JC Decaux or ClearChanel) in the following periods and locals;

Períods: 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks during the month of April;

Place: Midlands (Sainsbury delivery routed), near Cardiff and Colchester.

.. had the following results:

OS cpm and ots/pm are substantially more competitive (independently of the campaign period) for mobile media vs outdoor (based in contacts / real data).


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